Business Impact Analysis Software: BIA Professional: Features

.NET Interface
BIA Professional Web surveys are written in .Net to increase the speed at which new features and enhancements can be implemented.

Extensive Security Enhancements
The security of BIA Professional and Web surveys increased substantially with the 4.0 release. The implementation of encrypted survey URLs, SSL and proxy server support (including the use of routing and certificates) and support for Internet Explorer only.

Data Synchronization
Data synchronization saves the administrator time and effort by immediately reflecting any changes made to surveys, questions and responses in either the Web surveys or BIA Professional. By matching data sets, synchronizing the BIA Professional version with the published Web survey and driving synchronization by regularly occurring events BIA 4.0 removes any need to republish surveys and receive answers.

Print to PDF
BIA Professional and BIA Professional Web Server allow printing of documents and reports, Web surveys and answers in .pdf format.

Audit/Approval Users Interface
Web Server includes support for an approval feature. For Web surveys, designated approvers will be able to view recipient answers, make comments and request changes. You can optionally allow approvers to make changes to recipient answers. Approvers will not need BIA Professional to perform approvals, since the process takes place over the Web.

Activity Map
The Activity Map guides administrators through the entire process—from creating and customizing surveys, distributing surveys, receiving and analyzing recipients’ answers, to printing final reports.

Question Branching
This feature customizes the flow of a questionnaire, to ensure recipients answer only the questions relevant to them. BIA Professional provides a slide-view of the survey as it’s built.

The powerful reporting functionality simplifies report creation; it works with Crystal Reports, or other tools such as MS Excel, for quick analysis of results. The included Report Wizard offers a variety of options to meet many needs including an option to incorporate answers from multiple questions and surveys into a single report. And a Report Manager organizes reports by associated questions allowing easy editing, copying, renaming or deleting from one.



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