Primavera Project Management

Primavera Project Management
Public Sector

Business Challenges

Ensuring that the agency is getting the most value for its investments

With Primavera, you will have confidence in the health of your agency’s portfolio. You will be able to:
• Easily select and prioritize investments based upon agency objectives.
• Develop clear, actionable investor maps that support strategic planning.
• Quickly see the impact of changing or adding initiatives to your portfolio.
• Reduce redundant application to lower maintenance costs.

Demonstrating compliance, best practices and cost avoidance are a requirement to obtain new funding

Using Primavera, you will have a robust, yet extensible solution that provides:
• Fast track workbooks that enable you to create reports that meet government reporting requirements such as OMB Exhibit 300 and 53.
• Easy access to critical data and standard reports as well as creating any custom reports you need.
• Integration with Microsoft Project to roll up and store significant data that’s easily accessed and highly transparent.
• Clear tabular and graphic dashboard of critical data that show potential risks at a glance .
• Concise user friendly forms that reduce administrative overhead, making gathering necessary data efficient and decreasing turn around time for reporting.

Instituting an efficient enterprise investment process to invest wisely and improve cost controls

Using Primavera Portfolio Management, you can streamline the investment process, driving stronger benefit realization practices through out the agency. Our solution enables you to:
• Easily communicate issues, risks, changes and other necessary information to streamline stakeholder collaboration and improve participation.
• Create stronger process controls by standardizing how data is collected and communicated.

• Institute common processes and a consistent toolset for proposing and approving investments.
• Manage operational costs more efficiently to free up funding that supports business transformation.
• Ensure that your investments deliver value to the agency and stay within compliance guidelines.
• Create a consolidated view of critical data – easily roll up information from Microsoft Excel, Project or other data sources.

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Meeting compliance, delivering value, avoiding unnecessary costs

Primavera makes managing agency investments more efficient by providing transparency into:
• How program spending is aligned with agency objectives.
• Costs required to maintain operational needs.

Everyone has access to the same information, making it much easier to collaborate

Balance new and operating investments and manage change successfully

Using Primavera, you will have the ability to quickly assess the state of your portfolio in order to:
• Manage “how” and “when” change is introduced to the portfolio, facilitating real-time decision-making.
• Streamline the selection and prioritization process because all required information and processes are stored centrally.
• Quickly communicate status when a problem occurs – not a month later.
• Establish common metrics and reporting to support effective management practices.

Complex programs means many contracts and distributed resources – You can’t manage what you can’t see

Primavera provides visibility into the state of your projects and programs, enabling you to:
• Have an organized picture of resource requirements and current capacity, supporting accurate resource forecasting across all programs.
• You can easily assign under-allocated contractors and gain clear insight into actual contractor performance and costs.

Meeting compliance requirements in a timely manner

Delivering compliance reports on time becomes easier with Primavera. You have access to all the information needed to:
• Deliver standard reports that meet OMB requirements and ANSI/ESI-748 standards.
• Build an integrated master plan and schedule, even if you’re pulling information from other sources.
• Consolidate critical project information and create common ways of viewing and communicating project changes.

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Planning and controlling projects effectively – regardless of size

Successful projects require a combination of strong tools and processes. With the goal of working more effectively, Primavera enables your project team to:
• Update project plans without locking out other schedulers.
• Collaborate by accessing all relevant project information stored in one central location instead of disparate databases.
• Standardize reporting and change management processes through user-friendly dashboards.

Projects aren’t managed in one place. Today’s project managers must be able to get to critical information when they need it. Primavera supports today’s flexible project environments with:
• Anytime, anywhere access for project managers and stakeholders via an easy-to-use web interface.
• Interactive Gantt charts that support robust or lightweight planning requirements.
• An easy-to-employ environment that can have you ready to execute in weeks, not months.
• What-if analysis and project control features that can be shared with the team or for your. own analysis

Increasingly strict compliance requirements drive the need to demonstrate accountability.

Gathering information required to demonstrate compliance can be a painful experience. With Primavera, you will have the flexibility and agility you need to create standard or custom reporting:
• Easily develop, collect, and analyze all expenditures on your programs.
• Employ EVM techniques to support project teams in managing costs.
• Create, distribute, and present weekly, monthly, and quarterly EVM reports as per the FAR requirements.

Another painful process can be gathering comprehensive information for OMB Exhibits 300 and 53 generation and submission. Primavera enables you to:
• Consolidate budget formulation data to be used in the capital planning process.
• Turn around information quickly, leveraging standard configurations or customize to fit agency needs.
• Get everyone on the same page because all information is centralized and readily available.
• Use what-if analysis and robust reporting for collaborative planning to successful support complex decisions about capital investments.


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