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Fridays with Vico Presents Swinerton Builders: Lessons Learned along the Path to 5D BIM

Integrity. Innovation. Experience. Those are the three words that best describe Swinerton Builder’s commitment to project success. And perhaps, too, the three words to describe their progression in BIM capabilities over the past five years.

Join us for a special case study edition of Fridays with Vico where we’ll explore four resort/hospitality projects through the eyes of Swinerton Builders.

Who: Swinerton Builders
What: Lessons Learned along the Path to 5D BIM
When: Friday, February 27th, 12 Noon Eastern
How: Register today

We’ll explore four case studies marking Swinerton’s progression from BIM novices to BIM experts. Swinerton was one of the first adopters of Vico Services, the branch of our business dedicated to introducing our software solutions to project teams, providing complete peer review and best practice recommendations. Today, Swinerton Builders are modeling experts who have translated their BIM knowledge into complete IPD services for Owners.

The first case study features the Ritz Carlton Highlands Lodge, Resort and Spa in Lake Tahoe. This project covered over 406,500 square feet with luxury condominiums and a five-star resort hotel. Swinerton and their partner, Q&D Construction, introduced the Vico Services Team into the equation early in the design development phase. Working closely with the designers and subcontractors, the Team created a detailed 3D model to serve as the “moderator” for all preconstruction meetings. This BIM was enriched with MEPF models, structural, and architectural models. Next was simply working through the constructability report: resolving clashes and discrepancies, and starting to think through the schedule. The Team was so successful in working together with the model that Vico Services was able to exit the project having trained the Project Engineer to serve as the model manager.

Next, Swinerton will share information from The Denver Four Seasons. On this particular project, the virtual design and construction manager took a unique approach to incorporating job site considerations. Swinerton will discuss some of the requirements necessary for successful job-site integration of BIM. On this project, Swinerton focused on using BIM for ensuring a high level of coordination between the trades, and eliminating as many change orders as possible. They were also able to use the model information for fabrication, which assisted in timely (coordinated) material delivery to the jobsite. As you can imagine, this was a highly-congested downtown area, where effective product-delivery is critical.

The San Diego Hilton represents a unique approach to IPD. Swinerton took the leadership role, introducing their BIM philosophy to the Owner early in the design stage. According to Swinerton’s own quarterly newsletter, “The guiding principles are shared responsibility, ownership and project advocacy.” Even the Owner challenged the team to push the envelope on new technologies and approaches.

This is an interesting design project as well: one facility houses two distinct Hilton brands – a Garden Inn and a Homewood Suites. And it turned out to be a perfect project for utilizing the BIM as a facilitator. Not only can the model express the Architects’ design intent, but also illuminate construction coordination. In weekly coordination meetings, issues could be resolved in real time that kept the project moving quickly. This is one project where the Swinerton team represents the standard for partnership and forward-thinking in the construction industry.

The Valley View Casino is still yet another interesting case study. Dubbed as the first luxury casino hotel in San Diego, the pressure was on for Swinerton to deliver unparalleled project delivery. We’ll see how Swinerton Builders carefully planned this project with detailed modeling of the site excavation and complex shoring scenarios for the hillside hotel. Again, Swinerton was able to introduce other project stakeholders to the benefits of modeling to achieve buy-in and collaborative project planning.

Be sure to register today for what will be a very comprehensive look at how a leading general contractor embraced BIM as a competitive advantage.

Who: Swinerton Builders
What: Lessons Learned along the Path to 5D BIM
When: Friday, February 27th, 12 Noon Eastern
How: Register today

About Swinerton Builders
The Swinerton Family of Companies provides commercial construction services throughout the Western United States, delivering innovative construction solutions and outstanding customer service to a diverse range of business clients that demand exacting performance. Established in 1888, Swinerton formally incorporated in the State of California in 1908 and holds California Contractor License No. 92. Today, Swinerton offices are located throughout California, in Colorado, Hawaii, Texas, New Mexico and Washington.


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