Vico Takeoff Manager

Vico Takeoff Manager

Construction Oriented Model-based Quantity Takeoff

Vico Takeoff Manager™ generates quick and highly accurate model- and location-based quantity takeoffs derived from 3D models created with leading BIM authoring tools.

Once the model has been published to Vico Office, a unique geometry analysis algorithm is used to scan the 3D model content and automatically creates takeoff items, each with a defined set of quantities required for construction cost and schedule planning.

In case you need to refine the automatic takeoff process and adjust it to your company standards, Takeoff Manager provides you with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Simply paint the 3D elements and you are done.

The ability to view the takeoff items in the context of the 3D model, and the bidirectional link between the views, gives you clear feedback, improves team communication, and gives you the confidence that no quantities are missed. Since quantity takeoff is a live view, newly published and activated model versions result in automatically updated quantities.

Within the Vico Office integrated environment, takeoff data is automatically available in the Vico Cost Planner and Schedule Planner modules. There is no need to export and import data. With this integrated approach you can be assured that your cost planning and schedules are always accurate and up-to-date.

Visual Feedback

Improve communication and confidence. The bidirectional link between all the views in the Viewset clearly present the logic behind the proposed takeoff. Select a 3D element, a Takeoff Item, or a Takeoff Quantity and review the highlighted linked data.
Viewing Modes and Filters

Using the navigation, filtering, and advanced viewing modes, you can effectively communicate and manage your model. Highlight or isolate 3D elements based on properties such as type or location; easily access the relevant data, and make the takeoff process more fluent and efficient.
Locations-Based Quantities

Using Takeoff Manager you benefit from accurate location-based quantities. The quantities are automatically organized in a multi-level spreadsheet view according to their original locations in the source model. This location structure can later be refined and adjusted using the Vico Office Location Manager module.
Verification and Reassigning

Easily identify and reassign 3D elements that were modeled incorrectly in the BIM application.
To Improve control over your takeoff, Office Takeoff provides visual feedback on any 3D element with missing quantity data. Easily complete absent information using the measurement tools, or by inserting data manually.
Vico Takeoff Manager lets you:
• Extract location-based quantities from BIM models
• Filter and classify model-based quantities
• Get highly accurate construction-oriented quantity takeoffs
• Flexibly organize the quantity takeoff the way you want it
• Generate quantity takeoff reports



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