Vico Office Client

Vico Office Client

The Core of the Vico Construction-Oriented Environment

The Vico Office Client™ module is the backbone of the Office environment. It contains Vico’s innovative quantity extraction algorithm, which performs a construction-oriented analysis of various 3D BIM model formats and stores the information, including the 3D geometry, element, and properties, in the Vico Office Client database.

Vico Office Client publishes 3D models from leading BIM authoring tools, from Autodesk® Revit®, Tekla Structures® and ArchiCAD®. It includes an add-on for these applications with a simple “Publish to Vico Office” function. The published information is then accessed by the various modules to accomplish the required 3D, 4D and 5D activities, such as visualization, quantity takeoff, cost planning, and scheduling.

Vico Office Client enables you to integrate and seamlessly merge multiple models from different BIM sources, forming a unified social-BIM environment. To efficiently control the integrated database, the Vico Office Client module includes model versions management, extensive viewing modes, and state-of-the art data filtering tools supporting model, location, layer, object type, and user-defined filters.

Vico Office Client includes a powerful report engine which, using data from the integrated database, enables you to generate reports on the fly, and benefit from constantly updated information. These reports can be formatted to match existing company standards and can be shared with project stakeholders using standard file formats like PDF to easily and thoroughly communicate project details.

Activate your model and define the way Vico Office Client creates takeoff items. Vico Office Client provides you with full control over the granularity of your takeoff. Simply select the optional Takeoff Iteam creation method the model is included in your project.

Vico Office lets you:
• Publish BIM models from Autodesk Revit®, Tekla Structures®, and Graphisoft ArchiCAD®
• Manage model versions
• Define the takeoff items creation method
• Filter the required data
• Explore an integrated whole-project model



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